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Who is ECOTEL?

ECOTEL is a Canadian cellular operator registered with the ITU and the CRTC, deploying robust infrastructures that cover remote regions and enable the automation of operations for industrial customers.

ECOTEL owns spectrum covering over 60% of the Canadian Territory and, offers services for the following locations: Labrador, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Nunavut and the Northwest Territories.



Ambra Solutions

ECOTEL is among the world leaders as a private LTE and 5G network operator. The company also stands out as an operator of public LTE and 5G networks, providing robust and reliable connectivity for remote communities. Thus, enabling increased safety and accessibility for both the public and its’ services for many municipalities. Founded in 2007, ECOTEL’s sister company, Ambra Solutions, is a dominant supplier of specialized turnkey solutions in the field of telecommunications.



Several partners are associated with this project given that Haute-Mauricie is lagging far behind in terms of basic telecommunications infrastructure. The governments have confirmed significant financial support for the realization of this project through a federal program « Connect to innovate » and a provincial program « Québec Branché ». Both programs invest in the deployment of internet services in rural communities that are currently underserved and that have been indentified by governments.

Other major partners include the Centre de services scolaire de l’Énergie and the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS), which will be able to benefit from this new technology in schools and hospitals in the region, as well as from other public institutions such as municipal offices, librairies and fire stations. Thanks to a major collaboration with Rogers, ECOTEL will be able to use the frequencies of the telecommunications giant to be able to complete this major achievement.


The LTE Haute-Mauricie project consists of the installation of a new fiber optic backbone and a new LTE wireless network, allowing residents of several communities to have high-speed fixed and mobile Internet access using the latest available technology on the market. Most residents covered by the project currently have no access to high-speed technology or LTE service.

In addition to offering a new fixed Internet service to residents, LTE equipment will allow the use of LTE cellphones, thus increasing the safety of users traveling in Haute-Mauricie. Many fiber optic cables will be installed along the existing paths while new communication towers will be erected in the regions targeted by the project. The new infrastructures will be sized to accommodate a large number of residents and partners in the community. The project involves the burial of more than 400 km of fiber optic cable in order to guarantee reliable service to the residents of La Tuque, Chambord and Parent. This project will make it possible to avoid service disruptions such as those which have occured on several occasions in the La Tuque region in recent years.


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